Givenchy FW 2015 Bag Collection – Shark Bag





The murky and fascinating world of the oceans, inhabited and sometimes ruled by real or mythological beings – mermaids, fish or surfers – was Riccardo Tisci’s inspiration for Givenchy’s Spring/Summer 2012 women’s collection. This wardrobe of flowing looks and contrasting textures brought a luminous sensuality to the designer’s palette. It also marked the birth of the Shark motif, a shark’s tooth worn as an oversize necklace or transformed into a sandal clasp. This mini-sculpture is borrowed from the style sported by surfers, who use this tooth as a protective talisman against attacks by sharks, fearsome predators lying beneath the waves, mysterious animals embodying two of the qualities that set the Givenchy style apart: beauty and danger combined.

Naturally, the Shark motif has become a House signature. With each passing season, it appears on a host of accessories: as a pendant (available in a variety of colours and several sizes), as a clasp on summer sandals or a leather gaiter boot, as cufflinks, earrings with breathtaking curves held in place by a magnet, or a surfer’s key-ring, a nylon cord to tie around your neck, pairing the graphic lines of the clasp with the rawer contours of the shark’s tooth.

We now find the Shark motif in the brand’s masculine and feminine worlds, which naturally and subtly exchange their references. Boasting an urban look with wild origins, the Shark motif has also lent its name to a bag, the latest in this thriving line. With its oversized graphic flap, sharply elegant metallic clasp, and lines that are supple and strict in one, this design is the embodiment of cutting-edge, modern luxury that is timeless and full of character. Through this distinguished piece, the Shark confirms its iconic status for years to come.


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