Anteprima at Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan

Recreation invite

Annarita Serra Non ti amo pi-«-Ñ

Annarita Serra Surplus

Roberta Savelli - Hiroomi Tahara

Talking Handkerchiefs invite


As part of Salone del Mobile 2015, ANTEPRIMA will present two exhibitions – ‘Re-creation’ and ‘Talking Handkerchiefs’ at its flagship showroom in Milan.

‘Re-creation’ by Annarita Serra takes inspiration from contemporary icons, recycled materials and other waste materials such as polypropylene beach litter. Revived and repurposed to breathe life into a collection of portraits, iconographic representations and status symbols, waste is transformed into objects of virtuosity, elegance and subtle irony to depict the state of human negligence.

The second exhibition, ‘Talking Handkerchiefs’ by artist Roberta Savelli & designer Hiroomi Tahara comprises of 10 stamped silk and cotton handkerchiefs of various weights and sizes, matched with a video playing 10 stories showing different uses and interpretations of this daily necessity. To realize the vision of creating an art piece that is interwoven into the daily gestures and lives of people, the installation elevates the simplicity of the handkerchief as a portable and multifunctional fabric square into a design object with infinite possibilities. Bringing together Savelli’s artistic sense and Tahara’s oriental, functional design sensibility, the role of the handkerchief in Japanese cultural traditions – from its common uses to more unusual functions – is interpreted through creative images and words that evoke curiosity and awaken a sense of fascination for the viewer.


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