Le Secret SS 2015 Collection

Locket_BEE HK$2,649Locket_Key Neclace HK$1,649

Locket_Necklace HK$1,500Silver Colors Diamond Set_earring HK$4,820, Necklace HK$3,760


Newly established in 2014, Le Secret is jewelry brand based in Hong Kong that aims to deliver clean and refreshing designs with exquisite craftsmanship for every occasion. Against a canvas of sterling silver used across their collections, the designer draws upon white and coloured diamonds, semi-precious stones, and cubic zirconia, using techniques such as delicate hand inlay and hand painted designs, to create ornaments at once intricate and luxurious.

LE SECRET a secret that must be heard

Le Secret believes that in every heart there lie buried thoughts that are never spoken, kept secret, be they treasured experiences or vivid memories. Lying in the realm of mystery, secrets are often subject to the curiosity of others driven by the fascination for the story obscured.

At Le Secret, there is nothing that cannot be revealed – only hearts that are unwilling to expose themselves. Le Secret hopes to be the key that opens these hesitant doors, freeing the heart to happiness by allowing entry to loved ones and close friends.

Each piece by Le Secret contains a story to be shared. Every design embodies the designer’s creativity and perspective, made with heartfelt sincerity, and translates into a flawless construction.



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