Marimekko AW 2015 Fashion Show in Tokyo

Marimekko AW15_presentation in Tokyo_3_71704_10Marimekko AW15_presentation in Tokyo_8_71709_10

Marimekko AW15_presentation in Tokyo_12_71713_10Marimekko AW15_presentation in Tokyo_16_71717_10

Marimekko AW15_presentation in Tokyo_18_71719_10Marimekko AW15_presentation in Tokyo_24_71725_10


Marimekko presented its Autumn/Winter 2015 ready-to-wear collection in Tokyo during Tokyo Fashion Week. The same press preview was hold in Helsinki, Sydney, Stockholm and New York.

The autumn/ winter 2015 collection was inspired by city architecture and the rhythm we live in today. It examines how elements of nature can inspire urban women to find moments of empowerment and peace in their hectic everyday lives. The collection also represents layers of time, reflecting the architectural diversity of cities around the world. Similarly, it combines iconic Marimekko prints with new designs, creating a visual continuum from the early years to our days. The materials used include silk, leather and wool, to name but a few.

This collection gives an indication of the direction in which Marimekko design is moving under the new Creative Director Anna Teurnell. The spring/summer 2016 collection will be the first created entirely under her lead.


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