MM6 SS 2015 Collection

2015_SS_MM6_Access-01-Sacs-HKD 42452015_SS_MM6_Access-05-Sacs-HKD 5305

2015_SS_MM6_Access-07-Sacs-HKD 19702015_SS_MM6_Access-47-Maroquinerie-HKD 3030

2015_SS_MM6_Access-20-Chaussures-HKD 37902015_SS_MM6_Access-24-Chaussures-HKD 2730

2015_SS_MM6_Access-27-Chaussures-HKD 28802015_SS_MM6_Access-31-Chaussures-HKD 2425

2015_SS_MM6_Access-38-HKD 13652015_SS_MM6_Access-41-bijoux-HKD1515 (left) HKD1365 (right)

2015_SS_MM6_Access-42-bijoux-HKD 1970 (upper left) HKD 1970 (bottom left) HKD 2125 (right)2015_SS_MM6_Access-HKD 2275


Part of the family – Clothing from varying cultures and generations are innocently assembled, naturally and without stylistic reasoning or purpose. Rules are broken.

New silhouettes are created from unexpected sources, wardrobe staples, and humble materials. Subtle nods to the Maison.

Americana pop clashes with traditional Japanese culture, underwear becomes eveningwear, household objects are transformed into clothing.

Garments play with volume and materials. The collection is accessible, handcrafted, playful.


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