Elemis Men’s Anti-Fatigue Day Cream & Eye Gel

Anti-Fatigue Day Cream_$660_50ml

Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel_$380_15ml


ELEMIS Men has been created in response to another less universally acknowledged truth – that men’s skin behaves differently to women’s. Skin has to put up with an assault course of challenges, from everyday stresses, pollution and diet. But men’s skin has shaving thrown into the mix. A process that can strip up to two layers of the skin taking nutrients and moisture with it.

ELEMIS has formulated a collection of power-packed products to treat, calm, nourish and protect male skin – from shaving gels that protect and soothe to S.O.S. creams and moisturisers that target dryness and blemishes. There are face scrubs that reignite vitality and cleansing facial washes that work extra hard to extract traces of grime, whilst soothing shaving nicks.

And along with the collection’s dashing new packaging comes the new Anti-Fatigue duo to energise and invigorate immediately.

The final addition to the family is the Anti-Fatigue Day Cream. This is a cunningly deceptive moisturiser – light in texture and yet intensely energising. It’s the perfect final act after shaving. Amazonian Pracaxi oil regulates imbalances in the skin’s hydration levels. Olivine extract supports cell metabolism, vital to reducing the effects of stress.

Staring at a screen all day takes its toll on the eyes – which is why ELEMIS has developed an Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel. A cooling, instantly refreshing formula that is easily absorbed and light on the delicate area around the eyes. Sugar-beet Betaine, Yeast extract and Golden Root work to reduce signs of tiredness.



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