Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Collection and Terracotta Sun Serum

2015 TERRA JTPowder gp



In 2014, Guerlain invented a new beauty essential, the first Terracotta Joli Teint healthy glow foundation that instantly enhances the skin with a soft ray of sunlight.

Today, Guerlain innovates with the first “Terracotta Joli Tent Natural Healthy Glow Powder Duo" that delicately warms up the skin while reviving it with a rosy or apricot glimmer in June but also the new packaging of “Terracotta Sun Serum" to enhances the complexion and gives it the outdoor radiance and unique luminosity of summer’s first sunbeams.

Terracotta Joli Teint Natural Healthy Glow Powder Duo – A single powder, cleverly composed of two complementary shades: the bare minimum to reveal the unique radiance of every woman while adding a subtle touch of cheer.

Warm Shade: A softened sun-kissed powder, lighter than the legendary Terracotta bronzing powder. Its pigments are less intense and work in osmosis with the skin to make it glow without ever overloading it.

Coloured Shade: A reviving pink or apricot that blends with the sun-kissed powder to deliver a burst of radiance.

The unique secret formula of New Terracotta is reinterpreted in soft, vibrant colours. It retains the essential benefits of the legendary Terracotta bronzing powder: moisturizing and soothing active ingredients of five-star comfort and irreproachable hold, allowing women to worry about nothing apart from being the most radiant. A promise of supple, velvety skin, a satiny complexion and natural radiance.

The freesia and orange blossom notes create the sensation of a cocoon. Besides, a wave of softness also over the powder case. The legendary Terracotta pebble dresses up in rosy ivory lacquer for a promise of tenderness.

The Terracotta Joli Teint powder comes in 4 soft and delicate harmonies to revive all skin tones.

Terracotta Sum Serum – This limited edition was so incredibly talented that women could no longer do without it. Terracotta Sun Serum is here to stay for all women who want to activate, intensify and prolong their tan in summer or all year round. The tan-boosting serum now comes in a new rounded bottle that nestles perfectly into the palm of the hand. But its formula remains the same! Its Tan Booster Complex stimulates melanin production with its natural sensors derived from the carob tree. Tanning is activated as soon as the first rays of sun caress the skin. In parallel, its soothing formula moisturizes and softens the skin.


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