Swire Properties Taikoo Place Street Party

TP Street Party - 4






To celebrate the launch of Taikoo Place brand, Swire Properties hosts Taikoo Place Launch Party at Tong Chong Street in Taikoo Place on 24 April. Door opens at 6:30pm. Over 500 celebrities, socialites, C-suite executives, bankers, stylists, designers, and office executives are invited. Attending Celebrity guests and socialites included Jennifer Tse, Hilary Tsui, Daniel Chan, Venus Wong, Elaine Lee, Vinci Wong, Mark Ryan, Edwin Ing, Ricky Kwok, Ryan Hui, Matthew & Sally Chan, Yvette Yung, and just to name a few.

With its playful design concept inspired by the “Not Any Place” product collection which provides a sense experience of Taikoo Place, the party features a four-metre tall storefront façade, life-sized racks stacked with bottles and cans in different sizes, and a mega shopping bag inside the venue. All of them are the focal points for photo opportunity. The party offers an office-themed catering by Butler, opened by Michelin-starred restaurant Tate Dining Room & Bar. Highlights include “Eat Up Your Office”, where guests can bite and chew office stationery items, such as post-it notes, erasers and tapes. The party also introduces custom-made flavored snacks for guests who welcome taste challenge. Choices include ice cream with beer, or ham & cheese flavor, as well as popcorn that tastes hot dog. Los Angeles-based DJ Nu-Mark (a.k.a. Uncle Nu) from Jurassic 5, one of the top West Coast Hip Hop groups, is invited to spin at the party with his tunes and beats supported by local DJ, Nat King Soul.

Swire Properties is transforming Taikoo Place from an office address to a destination for office professionals and like-minded individuals who desire to work and play more enjoyably. Launched in early March, the “Not Any Place” brand campaign encourages a balanced pace that makes work life happier with better productivity.  The “Not Any Place” collection includes an array of products, embracing different scents and tastes, which come packed in air-tight containers for maximum freshness, and are labelled to promote the essence of the brand. The entire “Not Any Place" collection includes: SMELL OF SUCCESS incense oil, ACRES OF SPACE candle, BAGS OF INSPIRATION tea bags, HARMONY AT WORK coffee, and TASTE OF VICTORY gummy candies.



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