Bath & Body Works – Brazil Collection





Inspired by the lush landscape, exotic jungles and rushing waterfalls of Brazil, Bath & Body Works’ newest collection infuses luscious ingredients and vibrant colors for this Spring’s freshest fragrances.

For the Body – About the Fragrances:
COOL Amazon Rain – Nature’s most refreshing blend that will drench her senses with exotic starfruit and dewy bamboo
Key notes: Amazon Rain, Brazilian Starfruit, Frangipani, Exotic Mandarin, Dewy Bamboo

LUSH Pink Dragonfruit – An addictive fragrance bursting with Brazil’s most seductive fruits, including dragonfruit and jungle plum
Key notes: Pink Dragonfruit, Wild Waterlilies, Pomegranate Caipirinha, Jungle Plum, Passionfruit Nectar

FRESH Brazil Citrus – Our most sun-drenched fragrance that captures the exotic beauty of Brazil with luscious citrus and pineapple
Key notes: Exotic Citrus, Luscious Pineapple, Mango Nectar, Tiare, Passionflower
For the Hands – About the Fragrances:
Copacabana Coconut – creamy coconut, fresh palm and vanilla

Wild Mango Mojito – sparkling mango, fresh papaya and citrus

Amazon Rainforest Orchid – lush greens, orchid and jasmine

Rio Samba Sunset – white amber, orange flower and musk

Jungle Passion Fruit – pink passion fruit, pomegranate and sugar cane

Brazil Pineapple Punch – pineapple, iced melon and spice
For the Home – About the Fragrances:
Mango Dragonfruit – mango, mandarin, pink dragonfruit

Rio Red Guava – sparkling bergamot, red guava, passion fruit

Black Teakwood – mahogany, dark oak, lavender

Amazon Falls – lush greens, cascading waterfall, white woods

Rainforest Gardenia – white gardenia, watery greens, soft woods

Brazilian Blue Waters – sparkling bergamot, coastal waves, solar musk

Copacabana Beach – sun-kissed coconut, sweet tonka, driftwood

Spiced Pineapple Samba – pineapple, tropical spices, green banana


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