Charm In Cell Eye Cream Set

Charm In Cell_Eye Cream Set

While our eyes are widely known as “the window to the soul” and can easily attract other people’s attention, they are also prone to revealing skin aging problems. With only a 0.36mm thick of body fat protection – one third that of other facial areas – the skin surrounding the eyes is especially delicate and is likely to expose symptoms of premature aging. Furthermore, our more than 20,000 blinks every day supported by only 22 muscles for all facial expressions cause wrinkles to be formed around our eyes easily, unconsciously disclosing our age secrets.

To retain the youthful beauty and solve aging problems around the eye areas such as under-eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles, it is necessary to apply eye care products with effective anti-aging components. NEW Charm In Cell Eye Cream Set are added with the brand’s revolutionary patented ingredient ‘Toco-Vita C’, which targets eye area skincare issues and revitalizes the delicate skin, creating exceptional results that refresh and brighten your eyes in 2 steps.


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