MCM AW 2015 Bionic Collection with EXO





The German luxury purveyor MCM is delighted to welcome the futuristic Bionic Collection to its product range. Following the depths of high tech innovative lifestyle and new school luxury MCM reinvents its iconic M typography motif on the Bionic Collection that represents an integration of material and design in an abstract style.

The Bionic Collection debuts with innovative lightweight and custom-made tech materials. Inspired by the interior light paneling on spaceships the signature line is crafted by high-tech three-dimensional surface-design material which provides ultimate durability and water resistance. Premium three-dimensional printing techniques gave way for a uniquely padded design, giving birth to a truly innovative and futuristic collection for the new generation.

MCM reveals for the Bionic Collection a bold and dynamic campaign starring the South Korean K-Pop band, EXO. Communicating both the brand’s founding tenets of innovation and modernism, the EXO boys emphasize the products distinctively. The campaign will be presented exclusively on the microsite, – launched on May 1st, 2015. The site is available in English, Korean and Chinese.

The unisex Bionic Collection includes product range suited for the millennial, forward-thinking mind-set.  Backpacks, shoppers, a waist bag and a drawstring bag as well as small leather goods such as different sized pouches and wallets are available in galactic black, majestic gold and silver.


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