Chow Sang Sang Infini Love Diamond Roadshow – A Passion for Brilliance







zone 6 (2)



The 5-day roadshow presented by Chow Sang Sang launched its official kick-off on 15th July, 2015 (Wednesday). The roadshow is an in-depth appreciation and learning experience for the public to understand more about the Chow Sang Sang Infini Love Diamond, its unique production process and exceptional value. A Belgium diamond master has traveled a long way at the invitation of Chow Sang Sang to demonstrate the technique of ‘Supreme Ideal Cut’ and the polishing process of diamond on site.

“A Passion for Brilliance”, the Chow Sang Sang Infini Love Diamond Roadshow, will take place at Atrium, ifc Mall, Central from 15th to 19th July. Visitors are invited to visit different zones of the roadshow to appreciate the three collections including the Bridal Collection symbolizing eternal love, the Iconic Collection featuring minimalist beauty and the Heritage Collection characterized by European classy elegance, and witness the extraordinary shimmering effect of Infini Love Diamond and its eight perfect symmetrical Hearts and Arrows pattern via various professional testing equipment.

Each Infini Love Diamond is created with the ‘Supreme Ideal Cut’ technique, originated from Antwerp, a Belgium city which has become world renowned for its diamond industry for over a century, and exclusively practiced by Chow Sang Sang. An experienced Belgium diamond master presented an on-site demonstration of the diamond polishing process at the Live Show zone, inviting the audience to witness how a rough stoned would turn into a shiny diamond.


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