Charm In Cell Eye Cream Set

Charm In Cell_Eye Cream Set

While our eyes are widely known as “the window to the soul” and can easily attract other people’s attention, they are also prone to revealing skin aging problems. With only a 0.36mm thick of body fat protection – one third that of other facial areas – the skin surrounding the eyes is especially delicate and is likely to expose symptoms of premature aging. Furthermore, our more than 20,000 blinks every day supported by only 22 muscles for all facial expressions cause wrinkles to be formed around our eyes easily, unconsciously disclosing our age secrets.

To retain the youthful beauty and solve aging problems around the eye areas such as under-eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles, it is necessary to apply eye care products with effective anti-aging components. NEW Charm In Cell Eye Cream Set are added with the brand’s revolutionary patented ingredient ‘Toco-Vita C’, which targets eye area skincare issues and revitalizes the delicate skin, creating exceptional results that refresh and brighten your eyes in 2 steps.


Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal EDP


Juicy Couture is now launching Hollywood Royal – A natural jetsetter, she has been around the world, but to her there is no place like Los Angeles. only here can she surf the Malibu waves by day and transforms into a fashion icon by night, walking Hollywood’s hottest red carpets. Her coveted wardrobe makes the front pages daily, and with admirers emulating her style, nothing is more important than her defining signature scent.

Bath & Body Works – Brazil Collection





Inspired by the lush landscape, exotic jungles and rushing waterfalls of Brazil, Bath & Body Works’ newest collection infuses luscious ingredients and vibrant colors for this Spring’s freshest fragrances.

For the Body – About the Fragrances:
COOL Amazon Rain – Nature’s most refreshing blend that will drench her senses with exotic starfruit and dewy bamboo
Key notes: Amazon Rain, Brazilian Starfruit, Frangipani, Exotic Mandarin, Dewy Bamboo

LUSH Pink Dragonfruit – An addictive fragrance bursting with Brazil’s most seductive fruits, including dragonfruit and jungle plum
Key notes: Pink Dragonfruit, Wild Waterlilies, Pomegranate Caipirinha, Jungle Plum, Passionfruit Nectar

FRESH Brazil Citrus – Our most sun-drenched fragrance that captures the exotic beauty of Brazil with luscious citrus and pineapple
Key notes: Exotic Citrus, Luscious Pineapple, Mango Nectar, Tiare, Passionflower
For the Hands – About the Fragrances:
Copacabana Coconut – creamy coconut, fresh palm and vanilla

Wild Mango Mojito – sparkling mango, fresh papaya and citrus

Amazon Rainforest Orchid – lush greens, orchid and jasmine

Rio Samba Sunset – white amber, orange flower and musk

Jungle Passion Fruit – pink passion fruit, pomegranate and sugar cane

Brazil Pineapple Punch – pineapple, iced melon and spice
For the Home – About the Fragrances:
Mango Dragonfruit – mango, mandarin, pink dragonfruit

Rio Red Guava – sparkling bergamot, red guava, passion fruit

Black Teakwood – mahogany, dark oak, lavender

Amazon Falls – lush greens, cascading waterfall, white woods

Rainforest Gardenia – white gardenia, watery greens, soft woods

Brazilian Blue Waters – sparkling bergamot, coastal waves, solar musk

Copacabana Beach – sun-kissed coconut, sweet tonka, driftwood

Spiced Pineapple Samba – pineapple, tropical spices, green banana

shu uemura glitter waves summer eye collection


15metalink_rainbow_packshot calligraphink_eyeliner_brownpetal lash mascara_high res


Imagine you could capture the summer beauty of the sea, the reflected light sparkling with energy, the sensuous glimmer of the late sun at dusk.

Seeking beauty in light and evoking the playful feeling of summer, leading makeup expert shu uemura has beautifully captured the nuances of light and contrast to bring you its debut summer makeup collection for eyes. glitter waves artfully highlights fresh skin tones using strong light-refracting color, for evocative, sensuous and dazzling eyes both day and night.

Reflect your beauty, shine bright and revel in the sensuality of summer with glitter waves. Dive in, spice up your look, and play with light for a sensual summer.

Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Collection and Terracotta Sun Serum

2015 TERRA JTPowder gp



In 2014, Guerlain invented a new beauty essential, the first Terracotta Joli Teint healthy glow foundation that instantly enhances the skin with a soft ray of sunlight.

Today, Guerlain innovates with the first “Terracotta Joli Tent Natural Healthy Glow Powder Duo" that delicately warms up the skin while reviving it with a rosy or apricot glimmer in June but also the new packaging of “Terracotta Sun Serum" to enhances the complexion and gives it the outdoor radiance and unique luminosity of summer’s first sunbeams.

Terracotta Joli Teint Natural Healthy Glow Powder Duo – A single powder, cleverly composed of two complementary shades: the bare minimum to reveal the unique radiance of every woman while adding a subtle touch of cheer.

Warm Shade: A softened sun-kissed powder, lighter than the legendary Terracotta bronzing powder. Its pigments are less intense and work in osmosis with the skin to make it glow without ever overloading it.

Coloured Shade: A reviving pink or apricot that blends with the sun-kissed powder to deliver a burst of radiance.

The unique secret formula of New Terracotta is reinterpreted in soft, vibrant colours. It retains the essential benefits of the legendary Terracotta bronzing powder: moisturizing and soothing active ingredients of five-star comfort and irreproachable hold, allowing women to worry about nothing apart from being the most radiant. A promise of supple, velvety skin, a satiny complexion and natural radiance.

The freesia and orange blossom notes create the sensation of a cocoon. Besides, a wave of softness also over the powder case. The legendary Terracotta pebble dresses up in rosy ivory lacquer for a promise of tenderness.

The Terracotta Joli Teint powder comes in 4 soft and delicate harmonies to revive all skin tones.

Terracotta Sum Serum – This limited edition was so incredibly talented that women could no longer do without it. Terracotta Sun Serum is here to stay for all women who want to activate, intensify and prolong their tan in summer or all year round. The tan-boosting serum now comes in a new rounded bottle that nestles perfectly into the palm of the hand. But its formula remains the same! Its Tan Booster Complex stimulates melanin production with its natural sensors derived from the carob tree. Tanning is activated as soon as the first rays of sun caress the skin. In parallel, its soothing formula moisturizes and softens the skin.

Benefit Cosmetics – Fight Heat and Shines! License to Blot instant oil-blotting stick


Hot weather is fun but can also be a challenge for the skin, oil AND pores appearing on the face!  It is embarrassing for the entire world to see you blotting your face with the blotting papers. This summer, SpyGal has a new secret weapon to defect pores, oil and shine! Be ready to blot on the spot by using License to Blot! This instant oil-blotting stick with tiny invisible blotting spheres mattifies shine for up to 6 hours after application.

Guerlain Le bouquet de la mariée Extract & Le Plus Beau Jour de ma Vie EDP


Le Plus Beau Jour


Since 1828, Guerlain has created fragrances that allow women the world over to linger in the memories of other. And as they look forward to the most special day of their lives, Guerlain works its magic, presenting its limited 「Le Bouquet de la Mariée」Extract & 「Le Plus Beau Jour de ma Vie」EDP on May to accompanies the happiest moments with bridals and makes them dreams come ture.