Chow Sang Sang “Sanrio Game Master" Limited Edition Box Set





Chow Sang Sang has launched several collections with Sanrio before and this summer Chow Sang Sang and Sanrio decided to bring another surprise for all Hello Kitty lovers. Apart from sponsoring the ‘Sanrio Game Master’, Chow Sang Sang has launched the ‘Sanrio Game Master’ Limited Edition Box Set. The box set is produced in limited edition with a 999.9 gold pendant, a paper made tossing machine and its other parts. The Hello Kitty is dressed as “Sanrio Game Master” in a cloak to show the playful spirit of Hello Kitty. The pendant will keep you company as a decoration or your game buddy. With a fun and playful design, it is destined to win the hearts of Hello Kitty fans.


Chow Sang Sang Infini Love Diamond Roadshow – A Passion for Brilliance







zone 6 (2)



The 5-day roadshow presented by Chow Sang Sang launched its official kick-off on 15th July, 2015 (Wednesday). The roadshow is an in-depth appreciation and learning experience for the public to understand more about the Chow Sang Sang Infini Love Diamond, its unique production process and exceptional value. A Belgium diamond master has traveled a long way at the invitation of Chow Sang Sang to demonstrate the technique of ‘Supreme Ideal Cut’ and the polishing process of diamond on site.

“A Passion for Brilliance”, the Chow Sang Sang Infini Love Diamond Roadshow, will take place at Atrium, ifc Mall, Central from 15th to 19th July. Visitors are invited to visit different zones of the roadshow to appreciate the three collections including the Bridal Collection symbolizing eternal love, the Iconic Collection featuring minimalist beauty and the Heritage Collection characterized by European classy elegance, and witness the extraordinary shimmering effect of Infini Love Diamond and its eight perfect symmetrical Hearts and Arrows pattern via various professional testing equipment.

Each Infini Love Diamond is created with the ‘Supreme Ideal Cut’ technique, originated from Antwerp, a Belgium city which has become world renowned for its diamond industry for over a century, and exclusively practiced by Chow Sang Sang. An experienced Belgium diamond master presented an on-site demonstration of the diamond polishing process at the Live Show zone, inviting the audience to witness how a rough stoned would turn into a shiny diamond.

MontBlanc “Black & White Weeks" Hong Kong 2015

Montblanc hosted a press conference to kick off the “Black & White Weeks” on 2nd June, 2015 at California Tower, the new landmark of Lan Kwai Fong, Central. “Black and White Weeks” occurred for the first time in the nineteen-twenties. Back then as well as today it has been an event to present exciting novelties of Montblanc. Montblanc has reactivated this meaningful event since last year, bringing yearly novelties from headquarters to HK as an exclusive preview for media and connoisseurs. This exhibition lasts for three days, exhibiting the maisons’ latest leather goods, watches, writing instruments and jewellery pieces during 2nd to 4th June. Highlights include the Meisterstück Selection Sfumato collection, the TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap collection and the Patron of Art Edition – Luciano Pavarotti collection. Especially the functioning model of the TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap is the first time ever revealed in the world, which becomes the event spotlight.

Mr. Julien Renard, President Asia Pacific of Montblanc, Mr. Giacomo Cortesi, Managing Director of Montblanc Leather Division and Mr. Alexander Schmiedt, Managing Director Watches Montblanc International were invited to present the novelties to the audience at the press conference, followed by a sharing and demonstration by celebrity models Ms. Jocelyn Luko and Mr. Anthony Sandstrom. The dazzling couple stunned the audience by delivering loving glamour wearing the watch and jewellery from the Montblanc Bohème collection and the Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed Chronograph e-strap respectively.

Mr. Julien Renard, President Asia Pacific of Montblanc, remarked, “This year we have showcased our latest cross-category products, ranging from watches, writing instruments, leather goods to jewellery for men and ladies. One of the highlight is the new leather collection Sfumato. It revisits a painting technique developed during the Renaissance by the great masters. Applying it to the treatment of leather, Montblanc innovates the new Meisterstuck Sfumato collection.”

Ms. Jocelyn Luko and Mr. Anthony Sandstrom were much amazed with the cross-category talents of Montblanc. Jocelyn said, “I am seriously considering to buy a Starwalker Urban Speed e-pen as a gift to Anthony as he loves gadgets and digital devices, not to mention that it will make a perfect match with the Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap on this wrist. However, Anthony’s heart also goes to the Meisterstück Selection Sfumato collection which can keep him company not only every day but also when he travels.”

Anthony said, “I think Jocelyn carries the Bohème watch and jewellery perfectly. They help to deliver her character and charisma as a chic, elegant and self-confident lady. ”

Meisterstück Selection Sfumato – A heritage originated from Renaissance



Montblanc has displayed a wide range of leather goods produced from its manufacture Pelleteria in Florence, including the major launch of a new collection Sfumato. It revisits a painting technique developed during the Renaissance by the great masters. Applying it to the treatment of leather, Montblanc innovates the new Meisterstuck Sfumato collection. “Sfumato” is an ingenious painting technique pioneered by Leonardo Da Vinci and his followers. Evident in Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, an atmosphere of great softness is achieved by masterfully blending areas into one another through the superimposition of many layers of thin paint with tiny brushstrokes to eliminate lines. Each piece of our Sfumato products is delicately painted by hand before it is assembled. Every bag, wallet or belt from the collection is completely unique.

TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap – A technology on one’s wrist

Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed Chronograph e-Strap - Front 113827Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed Chronograph e-Strap - Back 113827

Montblanc is the first luxury maison to combine wearable technology with fine watchmaking in the centuries-old Swiss horological tradition. The TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap watch carries a highly functional e-device on the strap to offer digital functionality such as activity tracker, smart notifications, remote control and Find-Me function in one. To provide further convenience to the owner, it can be connected to Android and iOS via Bluetooth.

Patron of Art Edition: Luciano Pavarotti – Celebrating the legendary tenor




As the leader of luxury writing instruments, Montblanc has special affection towards writing instruments. Every year since 1992, Montblanc introduces a Patron of Art limited edition to pay homage to a person who had made valuable contribution to arts and culture. The latest Patron of Art – Luciano Pavarotti is a tribute to the world‘s most famous legendary Italian tenor. Pavarotti was a dedicated humanitarian who had raised millions of dollars for vocational and educational projects with his “Pavarotti & Friends” world tour. The Patron of Art – Luciano Pavarotti limited edition features high-end materials to celebrate this great performer’s colourful personality.

Arte Eternity Ring

00. Eternity_Ring_GroupShot

Rings often symbolize both love and dedication, especially with the forever perpetual Eternity ring which defines the commitment of love like couples exposing sincerity to each other. Traditional Eternity ring comes with gemstone surrounding its outer layer while giving us a sense of connection with no specific start-to-end eternity feelings. Its a lasting love that stretches far beyond its reach.

Le Secret SS 2015 Collection

Locket_BEE HK$2,649Locket_Key Neclace HK$1,649

Locket_Necklace HK$1,500Silver Colors Diamond Set_earring HK$4,820, Necklace HK$3,760


Newly established in 2014, Le Secret is jewelry brand based in Hong Kong that aims to deliver clean and refreshing designs with exquisite craftsmanship for every occasion. Against a canvas of sterling silver used across their collections, the designer draws upon white and coloured diamonds, semi-precious stones, and cubic zirconia, using techniques such as delicate hand inlay and hand painted designs, to create ornaments at once intricate and luxurious.

LE SECRET a secret that must be heard

Le Secret believes that in every heart there lie buried thoughts that are never spoken, kept secret, be they treasured experiences or vivid memories. Lying in the realm of mystery, secrets are often subject to the curiosity of others driven by the fascination for the story obscured.

At Le Secret, there is nothing that cannot be revealed – only hearts that are unwilling to expose themselves. Le Secret hopes to be the key that opens these hesitant doors, freeing the heart to happiness by allowing entry to loved ones and close friends.

Each piece by Le Secret contains a story to be shared. Every design embodies the designer’s creativity and perspective, made with heartfelt sincerity, and translates into a flawless construction.

John Hardy 2015 Mother’s Day: Give Her Your Heart This Mother’s Day

Bamboo collections Heart NecklaceClassic Chain Double Heart Locket Pendant

Bamboo collections Heart Stud Earrings


This Mother’s Day, John Hardy offers limited edition pieces shaped in the purest symbol of love – the heart.

Part of the Bamboo collection, these sentimental gifts are featured in the most precious of metals, gold and rose gold, highlighted with diamonds for a touch of sparkle.   As the gift that gives back, the proceeds from each piece purchased will contribute to our “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” initiative to plant bamboo seedlings in Bali.

For a more personalized gift, the diamond pavé-embellished locket, shaped as a heart, on a handcrafted silver chain is the perfect piece of jewelry for mom to treasure memories dearest to her.

Celebrate your mother on her special day with these effortlessly elegant pieces to capture her heart.


ARTĒ Sapphire Series for Mother’s Day Collection

Solitaire Oval Earrings

Solitaire Oval Pendant

Solitaire Oval Ring


It’s believed that women can hardly resist any exquisite dazzling jewelry, which comes together with a breathtaking elegance that can brighten up the entire outfit. For mother’s day this year, it’s time to pay a visit to jewelry store with dearest mother and gifting her a gorgeous glamour. ARTĒ presents the sapphire series, concurrently refined with both elegant and diversified design to be fall in love with instantly. The series is also suitable for mothers with different personality and taste.

Every ARTĒ collection process distinctive designs, with precision inlay technology and deep reservoir of expertise ensures the highest quality of each jewelry creation. Brimming love to mother’s day with dear ones, let’s take it to another level and by presenting her a piece of unique everlasting jewelry to mother just as her eternal love to a child which is beyond words to tell.