MontBlanc “Black & White Weeks" Hong Kong 2015

Montblanc hosted a press conference to kick off the “Black & White Weeks” on 2nd June, 2015 at California Tower, the new landmark of Lan Kwai Fong, Central. “Black and White Weeks” occurred for the first time in the nineteen-twenties. Back then as well as today it has been an event to present exciting novelties of Montblanc. Montblanc has reactivated this meaningful event since last year, bringing yearly novelties from headquarters to HK as an exclusive preview for media and connoisseurs. This exhibition lasts for three days, exhibiting the maisons’ latest leather goods, watches, writing instruments and jewellery pieces during 2nd to 4th June. Highlights include the Meisterstück Selection Sfumato collection, the TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap collection and the Patron of Art Edition – Luciano Pavarotti collection. Especially the functioning model of the TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap is the first time ever revealed in the world, which becomes the event spotlight.

Mr. Julien Renard, President Asia Pacific of Montblanc, Mr. Giacomo Cortesi, Managing Director of Montblanc Leather Division and Mr. Alexander Schmiedt, Managing Director Watches Montblanc International were invited to present the novelties to the audience at the press conference, followed by a sharing and demonstration by celebrity models Ms. Jocelyn Luko and Mr. Anthony Sandstrom. The dazzling couple stunned the audience by delivering loving glamour wearing the watch and jewellery from the Montblanc Bohème collection and the Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed Chronograph e-strap respectively.

Mr. Julien Renard, President Asia Pacific of Montblanc, remarked, “This year we have showcased our latest cross-category products, ranging from watches, writing instruments, leather goods to jewellery for men and ladies. One of the highlight is the new leather collection Sfumato. It revisits a painting technique developed during the Renaissance by the great masters. Applying it to the treatment of leather, Montblanc innovates the new Meisterstuck Sfumato collection.”

Ms. Jocelyn Luko and Mr. Anthony Sandstrom were much amazed with the cross-category talents of Montblanc. Jocelyn said, “I am seriously considering to buy a Starwalker Urban Speed e-pen as a gift to Anthony as he loves gadgets and digital devices, not to mention that it will make a perfect match with the Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap on this wrist. However, Anthony’s heart also goes to the Meisterstück Selection Sfumato collection which can keep him company not only every day but also when he travels.”

Anthony said, “I think Jocelyn carries the Bohème watch and jewellery perfectly. They help to deliver her character and charisma as a chic, elegant and self-confident lady. ”

Meisterstück Selection Sfumato – A heritage originated from Renaissance



Montblanc has displayed a wide range of leather goods produced from its manufacture Pelleteria in Florence, including the major launch of a new collection Sfumato. It revisits a painting technique developed during the Renaissance by the great masters. Applying it to the treatment of leather, Montblanc innovates the new Meisterstuck Sfumato collection. “Sfumato” is an ingenious painting technique pioneered by Leonardo Da Vinci and his followers. Evident in Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, an atmosphere of great softness is achieved by masterfully blending areas into one another through the superimposition of many layers of thin paint with tiny brushstrokes to eliminate lines. Each piece of our Sfumato products is delicately painted by hand before it is assembled. Every bag, wallet or belt from the collection is completely unique.

TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap – A technology on one’s wrist

Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed Chronograph e-Strap - Front 113827Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed Chronograph e-Strap - Back 113827

Montblanc is the first luxury maison to combine wearable technology with fine watchmaking in the centuries-old Swiss horological tradition. The TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap watch carries a highly functional e-device on the strap to offer digital functionality such as activity tracker, smart notifications, remote control and Find-Me function in one. To provide further convenience to the owner, it can be connected to Android and iOS via Bluetooth.

Patron of Art Edition: Luciano Pavarotti – Celebrating the legendary tenor




As the leader of luxury writing instruments, Montblanc has special affection towards writing instruments. Every year since 1992, Montblanc introduces a Patron of Art limited edition to pay homage to a person who had made valuable contribution to arts and culture. The latest Patron of Art – Luciano Pavarotti is a tribute to the world‘s most famous legendary Italian tenor. Pavarotti was a dedicated humanitarian who had raised millions of dollars for vocational and educational projects with his “Pavarotti & Friends” world tour. The Patron of Art – Luciano Pavarotti limited edition features high-end materials to celebrate this great performer’s colourful personality.


Swire Properties Taikoo Place Street Party

TP Street Party - 4






To celebrate the launch of Taikoo Place brand, Swire Properties hosts Taikoo Place Launch Party at Tong Chong Street in Taikoo Place on 24 April. Door opens at 6:30pm. Over 500 celebrities, socialites, C-suite executives, bankers, stylists, designers, and office executives are invited. Attending Celebrity guests and socialites included Jennifer Tse, Hilary Tsui, Daniel Chan, Venus Wong, Elaine Lee, Vinci Wong, Mark Ryan, Edwin Ing, Ricky Kwok, Ryan Hui, Matthew & Sally Chan, Yvette Yung, and just to name a few.

With its playful design concept inspired by the “Not Any Place” product collection which provides a sense experience of Taikoo Place, the party features a four-metre tall storefront façade, life-sized racks stacked with bottles and cans in different sizes, and a mega shopping bag inside the venue. All of them are the focal points for photo opportunity. The party offers an office-themed catering by Butler, opened by Michelin-starred restaurant Tate Dining Room & Bar. Highlights include “Eat Up Your Office”, where guests can bite and chew office stationery items, such as post-it notes, erasers and tapes. The party also introduces custom-made flavored snacks for guests who welcome taste challenge. Choices include ice cream with beer, or ham & cheese flavor, as well as popcorn that tastes hot dog. Los Angeles-based DJ Nu-Mark (a.k.a. Uncle Nu) from Jurassic 5, one of the top West Coast Hip Hop groups, is invited to spin at the party with his tunes and beats supported by local DJ, Nat King Soul.

Swire Properties is transforming Taikoo Place from an office address to a destination for office professionals and like-minded individuals who desire to work and play more enjoyably. Launched in early March, the “Not Any Place” brand campaign encourages a balanced pace that makes work life happier with better productivity.  The “Not Any Place” collection includes an array of products, embracing different scents and tastes, which come packed in air-tight containers for maximum freshness, and are labelled to promote the essence of the brand. The entire “Not Any Place" collection includes: SMELL OF SUCCESS incense oil, ACRES OF SPACE candle, BAGS OF INSPIRATION tea bags, HARMONY AT WORK coffee, and TASTE OF VICTORY gummy candies.

“Dior and I" Private Screening Party







French luxury couture house Dior is pleased to announce the opening of its Element Store in March 2015.

To mark this occasion, a grand opening cocktail reception in store was hosted on April 17, 2015, followed by “Dior and I” Private Screening in The Grand Cinema. An elite crowd of celebrities, socialites, fashionistas and movie reviewers in town were invited to attend the events. Celebrities including Cherie Chung, Chilam Cheung, Kathy Chow, Wyman Wong, Janet Ma and Wesley Wong were specially invited to attend the events. Socialites in town including Bonnae Gokson, Cecilia Wang, Ming Ho-Tang, Leigh Tung-Chou, Yvette Yung, Antonia Li, Kayla Wong, Kam Kwok Leung, Stephen and Deborah Hung, James Shing, Michelle Chua, Lawrence Cheng, Monica Chan, Amanda Lui, Catherine Kwai, Fei Ping Chang and Sue Lynn Hwa etc.

Anteprima at Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan

Recreation invite

Annarita Serra Non ti amo pi-«-Ñ

Annarita Serra Surplus

Roberta Savelli - Hiroomi Tahara

Talking Handkerchiefs invite


As part of Salone del Mobile 2015, ANTEPRIMA will present two exhibitions – ‘Re-creation’ and ‘Talking Handkerchiefs’ at its flagship showroom in Milan.

‘Re-creation’ by Annarita Serra takes inspiration from contemporary icons, recycled materials and other waste materials such as polypropylene beach litter. Revived and repurposed to breathe life into a collection of portraits, iconographic representations and status symbols, waste is transformed into objects of virtuosity, elegance and subtle irony to depict the state of human negligence.

The second exhibition, ‘Talking Handkerchiefs’ by artist Roberta Savelli & designer Hiroomi Tahara comprises of 10 stamped silk and cotton handkerchiefs of various weights and sizes, matched with a video playing 10 stories showing different uses and interpretations of this daily necessity. To realize the vision of creating an art piece that is interwoven into the daily gestures and lives of people, the installation elevates the simplicity of the handkerchief as a portable and multifunctional fabric square into a design object with infinite possibilities. Bringing together Savelli’s artistic sense and Tahara’s oriental, functional design sensibility, the role of the handkerchief in Japanese cultural traditions – from its common uses to more unusual functions – is interpreted through creative images and words that evoke curiosity and awaken a sense of fascination for the viewer.

DUKLING Historical Exhibition Opening at Times Square Hong Kong

TS Duking Exh 4

TS Duking Exh 6

TS Duking Exh 7

TS Duking Exh 9

TS Dukling Exh 1

TS Dukling Exh 2

TS Dukling Exh 3

TS Dukling Exh 5

TS Dukling Exh 8

TS Dukling Exh 10


Following the salvation of the heritage junk DUKLING, the Hong Kong Icon DUKLING is set to return in 2015. As part of the celebration, “DUKLING Historical Exhibition" will be held from April 21 to May 11 at Times Square Open Piazza. Themed “Sail with a Hong Kong HEART – The Hong Kong ICON", the exhibition will be showcasing the history of this antique Chinese junk. The “DUKLING Historical Exhibition" is jointly presented by DUKLING, Go Fun Care Project, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Hong Kong Collectors Society and Hong Kong Times Square. Through showcasing the history of DUKLING, it is hoped to bring upon the valuable memories from Hong Kong people’s HEARTs and raise the public awareness of cultural heritage preservation.

The exhibition will showcase the newly made 3-m miniature of Dukling by the top national carpenter Master紀清, serving the public with sights into the boat model to learn about the structure and appearance of Dukling. Also, the historical miniature of Dukling made with the wood that is aged around 90 years old in the 1960s will also be showcased to reveal the tradition that a miniature would be crafted whenever there is a new boat made, considering the details in the crafting, the Dukling miniature is one carrying high historical value. Moreover, a few historical pieces of Dukling will also be there giving public a glimpse of its history as well as that of the Hong Kong society, which include the alarm bell made in 1955 which was to alert other boats in the same vicinity in bad weather to ensure safety; the helm which accompanied Dukling since it first sailed in 1955 and it will appear with shells lying on it for it accompanied the junk being sunk underwater during the 3 months; as well as the lifebuoy with shells too which was to safe guards every life that boarded on Dukling. These precious collectible items will be exhibited in the Maritime Museum afterwards. Furthermore, over 80 pieces of photos in regards to Dukling from the 50s to present will be displayed telling everyone the history of our place Hong Kong. And the exhibition will feature the masterpieces of four well-known mainland artists YIN Zhao-yang ,YIN Zhao-hui,YIN Zhao-yu and LI Ying with the theme of Dukling, blending art with history to inspire the concept of cultural heritage preservation.

MARIMEKKO SS 2015 Interior Decoration Collection – The Weather Diary


Kannu_46007_7Kulho 5dl_46009_7

Lautanen 20cm_46011_7Muki korvallinen1_46013_7



Marimekko Spring Summer 2015 launched new members of the Weather Diary Collection, adding colors to your cozy home and encouraging you to feel the rhythm of nature. The Weather Diary collection explores seasonal changes in weather and their influence on people’s rhythm of life. The Marimekko design team was inspired by observing weather patterns, as well as by the exuberant glow of colours in gardens. The collection consists of fabrics, tableware, kitchen accessories and cushion cover with a variety of patterns which form a magnificent whole.