Hublot x Bruce Lee 75th Anniversary Exhibition and Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Limited Edition Launch

The Art of Fusion: Hublot’s transboundary collaboration with Bruce Lee Foundation staging “Legend Never Dies: Bruce Lee 75th Anniversary Exhibition” in Hong Kong, where the Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Limited Edition makes its debut to pay tribute to the legendary superstar 

With his kingly manner and profound knowledge of east-west cultural fusion, Bruce Lee, the amazing kung fu superstar, was crowned the oriental legend with his one and only Jeet Kune Do martial arts skill. As this year marks the 75th anniversary of his birth, prestigious Swiss watchmaker HUBLOT joins hands with Bruce Lee Foundation, established by the wife and daughter of Bruce Lee – Linda Lee and Shannon Lee, to hold the “Legend Never Dies: Bruce Lee 75th Anniversary Exhibition” for seven days to commemorate the kung fu maestro and his glorifying achievements in all aspects, as well as reviewing his exclusive philosophy in martial arts. The exhibition will be open to the public from 23 to 29 November 2015 at Atrium II, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui, specially featuring the debut of the Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Limited Edition.

The exhibition is divided into two parts – “Retrospective of movies and treasures of Bruce Lee” and “Legend Never Dies”. The former one features four sets of Bruce Lee’s treasures provided by Bruce Lee Foundation: 1. the genuine Gung Fu jacket which carries the martial art spirit of Bruce Lee; 2. the Life Mask – the mold used to produce Bruce Lee’s Kato Mask in the movie “The Green Hornet”, which commemorates the classic character that opens Bruce Lee’s Hollywood movie market; 3. Bruce Lee personal genuine copy of the “Way of the Dragon” script, this film was originally titled “Enter the Dragon”, the script reflects the original titles; 4. “The Game of Death” script cover, scene breakdown and sketches, handwritten and drawn by Bruce Lee, illustrating his vision of the pagoda; 5. Bruce Lee’s business cards and Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute membership cards which has witnessed the incredible experiences of his apprenticeship in the States.

It is worth mentioning that the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Limited Edition will make its debut in the exhibition, paying tribute to the legendary star. In addition to the precious treasures and exhibits, Hublot also adopts modern technology to create the Breaking Mirror animation. The cylinder glass case showing Bruce Lee animation on a transparent screen in the middle with breaking parts of the Hublot watch and mirror pieces. On the bottom is a 3D effect of Hublot UNICO movement – the fusion of Hublot and Bruce Lee. Another feature of the exhibition is the mirror room inspired by the final battle of Bruce Lee’s movie “Enter the Dragon”, which achieved great success and triggered a craze for kung fu in the world. One side in the mirror room shows Bruce Lee’s appearance while the other side is decorated with special designed mirror, allowing the guests to enjoy the light and shadow interaction with Bruce Lee through different angles of reflections of the mirror.

The second zone of the exhibition is located at the corridor of the Gateway Arcade, “Legend Never Dies” – the four “Diamond Rock” displaying the most representative photos of Bruce Lee in the 60’s selected by the Bruce Lee Foundation. Hublot adopts the ultramodern design to present the watch images in six Eternal Showcase with Bruce Lee images to symbolise the heritage of Bruce Lee spirit and philosophy on martial arts.

As the most influential and legendary superstar worldwide, Bruce Lee was the perfect definition of Hublot’s motto, “to be first, be unique and be different”. Being the pioneer of an era, he was the first one to spread the culture of Chinese kung fu to the world and endeavored to propagate east-west culture in his sparkling life. He broke the traditional boundaries of different martial art styles, and integrated Taoism philosophy of the East with boxing, karate and taekwondo in the creation of Jeet Kune Do, which was the unprecedented epitome of the art of fusion.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Limited Edition

Possessing the Spirit of Big Bang and the unique DNA of Hublot, the Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Limited Edition featuring a tonneau case with yellow elemnts is a tribute to Bruce Lee. Jointly designed with Bruce Lee Foundation, Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Limited Edition is inspired by the dragon on Bruce Lee’s desk. The timepiece is a limited edition of 75 pieces worldwide priced at HK$232,400. It is equipped with Hublot’s new movement HUB4700, frequency: 5 hertz, 36,000 beats/hour; 278 parts, 31 gems, automatic winding with 50 hours power reserve and the utmost exquisite skeleton dial is clearly visible through the sapphire with anti-reflective treatment and Hublot logo printed on the inner side. The date display window is at 4:30 position and the dial design makes use of central chronograph hand. The three little dials are positioned at 9 o’clock (second), 3 o’clock (30 minutes) and 6 o’clock (hour). The strap is made of alligator leather with natural rubber, offering supreme comfort and style.


Times Square “The Legend of Lion Dance" Exhibition Opening Ceremony

TS lion dance exh opening 1

TS lion dance exh opening 2

TS lion dance exh opening 4

TS lion dance exh 1

TS lion dance exh_master lim and master keung

TS lion dance exh_master lim meng kok

TS lion dance exh_keung si fu


“Dong Dong Qiang, Dong Dong Dong Dong Qiang!” With the sound of percussion rising up, the opening ceremony of Times Square “The Legend of Lion Dance” Exhibition was successfully held today. Lion Dance is one of the First Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory of Hong Kong, it is also one of the most significant Chinese festive activities. Times Square is proud to present the “The Legend of Lion Dance” during Chinese New Year, through this exhibition, we hope to preserve and promote the Lion Dance culture, to allow people to learn about the Lion Dance traditions and to bring more awareness in preserving the local cultural heritage. This exhibition presents a total of 36 dancing lions. Also to be exhibited at the same time will be the musical instruments of the lion dance and an introduction to the artistry of the sewing and binding of lion heads, what’s more interesting is that lion dance drama performance will be held during the exhibition period. This will bring all of you closer to the traditional Chinese Lion Dance culture.

Today, renowned actor Mr Anthony Wong was present to inaugurate the “The Legend of Lion Dance” Exhibition at Times Square Open Piazza. The most anticipating and powerful lineup is the scene that One King Five Tiger Generals Lions* was leading the showcase of the 30 Dancing Lions for the celebration. More surprising is the performance of the 3-m high giant Liu Bei Lion by totally 20 men, showcasing great vigorousness. The style of dancing lion is originated from the heroes of Chinese famous novel – Three Kingdom; and that lion head needlework masters are inspired and based on the characters of the one King (Liu Bei) and five Tiger Generals (Guan Gong, Zhang Fei , Zhao Zilong, Ma Chao and Huang Zhong) in the novel as blueprints to design the lion heads. What’s more exciting is that the 30 Dancing Lions perfectly showcase the lions representing different stages of the lion dance history since the 60 and 70s, how can you miss this rare and precious scene?!

Times Square – The Opening Ceremony of ”Dr. Leo K. K. Wong’s World of Images – My 60s-70s Hong Kong” Exhibition

TS living rm museum

TS living rm muse competition winner

TS living rm muse_dr wong exh opening ceremony 2

TS Living Rm Museum_dr wong exhibition opening ceremony


Times Square is privileged to present the renowned photographer Dr. Leo K. K. Wong at the inaugural exhibition of the Living Room Museum and to publish the accompanying catalogue “Dr. Leo K. K. Wong’s World of Images” to mark the festive occasion. Dr. Leo K. K. Wong, renowned photographer, Professor Nelson Chen, Director of School of Architecture, CUHK, Mr. Marco Wong and Mr. Samuel Wong, Winners of “Times Square Living Room Museum” Competition, Ms. Yen Leng, Executive Director of Wharf Estates Limited and Ms. Liza Wang, famous artist were present to inaugurate the premiere exhibition “Dr. Leo K. K. Wong’s World of Images – My 60s-70s Hong Kong” Exhibition on 8 January at Times Square Living Room Museum.

It was in 1966 that Dr. Wong began studying photography under the photographic guru S. F. Dan. Before long, his monochromes and colours were showcased at the International Salon Exhibitions, nine times earning him a place among the top ten photographers in the 1970s. Showered with accolades since the 1960s, the photographer was honoured with the Bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS) by the HKSAR Government in 2010 in recognition of his zealous promotion of and immense contribution to the art of photography. To this day, the same passion still burns and the master continues to show his new masterpieces year after year.

The photographer’s passion for Hong Kong and life itself can be deeply felt at the current exhibition, which invites audience to go back in time to a Hong Kong that was blessed with harmony and happiness. Among the fleeting moments captured with delicacy, there are scenes of the Hong Kong Expos, public housing estates and billboards that announce aspirations for a better future, snapshots of fields and fishing villages that celebrate peace and tranquillity, and portraits of people at work and children at play that crystallize diligence and blitheness.

Centring around six themes, namely (1) fishing villages in my dreams, (2) snapshots of housing estates, (3) ode to labour, (4) sunset rhapsody, (5) street scenes, and (6) religion and customs, the 50 works featured all date to the 1960s and 1970s, offering visitors a chance to ramble through those good old days of Hong Kong from the 1960s and 1970s.

Prada Presents Pradasphere in Hong Kong

Pradasphere_Hong Kong_1

Pradasphere_Hong Kong_3

Pradasphere_Hong Kong_4

Pradasphere_Hong Kong_7

Pradasphere_Hong Kong_6

Pradasphere, a special exhibition exploring the universe of Prada, is unveiled on November 18th in Hong Kong, situated on the top of Central Ferry Pier 4, with dramatic views across the harbour to Kowloon. Debuted in London in May 2014, the exhibition traces the multivalent obsessions of one of the world’s most iconic brands.

Conceived as a natural history of Prada, Pradasphere is a collection of archival objects arranged to reveal the complex, often intertwined, references of Miuccia Prada, her atelier, and a tight-knit circle of collaborators. The singular Prada vision is manifest in everything from fashion and accessories to art, architecture, film, and culture. Pradasphere posits that there are core ideas engaging beauty, taste, embellishment, gender, vanity, and power, which are repeatedly reworked through those diverse channels. The Prada oeuvre represents both an aesthetic journey and a critique enacted through the products of fashion. But it is also an unabashed celebration of exquisite materiality and craftsmanship, a paean to the rare and the finely wrought, and a wholehearted endorsement of the stylistic iconoclast.

The centrepiece of Pradasphere comprises six towering showcases dedicated to the central themes that have distinguished the work of Prada. The displays combine work from diverse collections to demonstrate the recurrent concepts present in the work. In addition, the exhibition includes: heritage items from the Prada archives; shoes and bags from the past collections organized by theme; examples of exquisite fabrics and materials; Prada history timeline; a screening room presenting short films; architectural projects; and a library of publications.

Each of the sections follows a specific methodology and curatorial approach:
ORIGINS – includes authentic artifacts from the period that Mario Prada opened the first boutique in 1913 in Milan’s prestigious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele ii shopping arcade. The casework follows the design of the elegant displays that Prada has preserved at the original site.
TYPOLOGIES – dominates the centre of the hall, with six freestanding dioramas each dedicated to a specific obsessions or fascination.
– Modernism: Classic, minimal composition.
– Figuration: The passion for prints.
– Continentalism: Homage to European history.
– Excessivity: Testing the limits of extravagance.
– Animality: Inspiration from the natural world.
– Femasculinity: The crossover of the sexes.
EVOLUTION – is a detailed Prada timeline divided into multiple trajectories on a long electronic screen. The timeline juxtaposes men’s and women’s collections, as well as accompanying advertising campaigns and fashion show spaces, with art projects, architectural projects, and other special Prada events. In addition, adjacent display cases house architectural models from frequent collaborators Rem Koolhaas/OMA and Herzog & de Meuron, books, exhibition catalogues, and other ephemera.
SPECIMENS – brings together shoes and bags from diverse seasons and recombines them to illustrate essential qualities that run through all collections. Surrounding vitrines focus on the painstaking process of design and prototyping that goes into every product.
CONSTRUCTION – includes a floor-to-ceiling video display that organises many of Prada’s most iconic looks by colour. The moving images are all drawn from runway footage shot during the fashion shows. Large-scale table vitrines present the precious, exotic, delicate, handmade textiles and innovative materials that make up Prada’s most exclusive designs.
OBSERVATION – is a screening room with a program of some of Prada’s most ambitious film/video projects produced in collaboration with directors including Ridley Scott, Roman Polanski, and Wes Anderson.

Curated by Prada creative director Fabio Zambernardi in collaboration with New York-based designer and writer Michael Rock and his studio 2×4, the exhibition attempts to reveal something of the Prada method. “Pradasphere is a depiction of a collective, often exuberant, wildly creative design process." notes Rock. “It is a story told primarily through things because design is a way of making in the world. And these things are extraordinary, both in their sensuality and as the manifestation of critical issues engaged by design that deals with the body—especially the female body—in such a direct way." Revolving around these diverse references and influences, heritage and history, the iconic and the idiosyncratic, Pradasphere portrays a disruptive approach to design, style, art, and culture that is unique in the world of fashion today.

Pradasphere is free and open to the public from November 19, 2014 to December 5, 2014.

MM6 Private Guided Tour Exhibition






To celebrate the shop opening, a special “MM6 Private Guided Tour” installation was set up at the ifc mall oval atrium, which takes inspiration from traditional tourist shops. Guests and customers are able to redeem re-interpreted touristic items such as ‘6’ Hand postcards and photo key chains. Also on display are MM6 archival pieces and videos.