Godiva 2015 Spring Easter Collection

Beaded Eggs with Chocolate Easter eggs 16pcs.

Chocolate Egg-shaped Gift Box 12pcs.

Dark & Milk Milk Chocolate Bunny_w stand

Spring Chocolate Carre¦ü Tin 15pcs. & Chocolate Easter Eggs Gift Box 14pcs.

Spring Chocolate Gift Box 18pcs._open


The sun is shining all over; cozy warm breeze, awaken all the creatures, spreading words for the arrival of spring. As spring comes by, the air is filled with exhilarating atmosphere, shed light on this colorful festival. Everybody is celebrating its rebirth, so as our taste buds, seeking for a new and refreshing flavor.

Easter follows the arrival of spring, a festival of hope and vitality; Belgian Royal Chocolatier GODIVA presents its 2015 Spring Easter Collection, vitalizing spring with refreshing and delicate chocolate. A series of pleasant chocolate is loaded with the combination of Belgian traditional craftsmanship and innovation, creating a sweet and heartfelt early Spring.



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