Prada Skies for Christmas 2014

Prada Galleria Donna_Xmas Window 2014_01

Prada Galleria Donna_Xmas Window 2014_02

Prada Galleria Uomo_Xmas Window 2014

Prada Montenapoleone Donna_Xmas Window 2014_01Prada Montenapoleone Donna_Xmas Window 2014_02


The 2014 Prada Holiday windows present a suspended scene featuring painterly cloudscapes developed by Prada and long-time collaborator 2×4 in New York. Combining classical and modern textures, Prada Skies evokes a dramatic environment located in neither past nor present.

What at first appears to be a singular image is disrupted by silhouettes that slice through the cloudscapes. The images are reproduced on a canvas through a particular technique that emphasizes the tactility, the naturalness and preciousness of classical painting. 

Inside, seasonal Prada collections are displayed in an unusual way: the traditional marble checkerboard pattern is realized in soft carpet and products are arranged in transparent vitrines on soft, white carpeted backdrops. 

Prada Skies reflects the core brand principles: the complex juxtaposition of material and colors, the evocation of a strong but comfortable atmosphere, and the refined consideration of context. Taken as a whole, the atmosphere projects the image of a leisurely and luxurious holiday. 


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